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Keep Your Carpet Clean and Smelling Fresh With Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Whether you have a wall to wall carpet or just have it on some areas of your house, the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned. Aside from the regular vacuuming, the carpet has to be deep cleaned to remove deep-seated dirt, foul odors, and allergens. When it comes to carpet cleaning, you can rely on Sweep Scrub Janitorial. If your home is in Worcester, MA or the neighboring cities, we will go to your house and clean your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Worcester, MAYou Can Rely On Our Expertise

Vacuuming the carpet is pretty easy, but it is not enough. To thoroughly clean the carpet, it has to be deeply cleaned. With our many years of experience in the industry, we can expertly clean the carpet. What the vacuum cannot remove, we will be able to remove. As people walk over the carpet, they are bringing dirt to it. You might not see it w

ith your eyes because they are minute, but they are there. If this dirt is not removed right away, it will go the base of the carpet. The dirt will not be sucked by the vacuum because it is already clinging to the fiber of the carpet. With our cleaning method, the dirt will be lifted without harming the fiber of the carpet. You do not have to worry about having bald spots on the carpet when we clean it.


We Use the Right Tools and Solution

Deep carpet cleaning involves the use of a cleaning solution. We use a specially formulated cleaning solution to ensure the carpet will not get damaged. We check if the carpet is colorfast so we will know which cleaning solution for it. Our goal is to keep your carpet look good and smell fresh. With the use of our cleaning tools, we can clean the carpet efficiently. We also invested in new cleaning tools so we will be able to provide a better service.

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Leave the carpet cleaning to Sweep Scrub Janitorial and you can be assured that your carpet does not only look clean but it is thoroughly cleaned. Call our cleaning experts in Worcester, MA at (508) 933-3888 today.